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School Dances

Party Bus Rentals – Our Customers Come First. Our Mission Is For You to Have a Fun Experience as Soon as You Enter Our Buses!
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A Partybus Will Make Your School Dance A Night To Remember

At Fun Way to Go, we specialize in partybus services after your school dance. The partybus can keep the excitement going long after the school dance has ended. We provide a nightclub feeling on our partybus on wheels.

Our partybus includes the following exciting features:

  • Top of the line sound system
  • The best partybus lighting system
  • Perimeter seating to accommodate your party goers


Our party bus service will provide a fun time for all age groups. To rent a party bus, visit our partybus rental page.

Rent A School Dance Party Bus For Special School Events

Choosing a partybus for your special school event is now a whole lot easier. Simply rent a party bus from us for all your special school events and school dances.

Rent a school dance party bus from us and make the school event even more amazing. We can pick you or your friends up anywhere in the Seattle, WA area in one of our partybus options.

You can even take advantage of our return transfer party bus service. Simply rent a party bus from us and let the good times roll. You will not be disappointed after you rent a school dance party bus from Fun Way to Go.

If you rent a party bus from us for your school dance, you will get our certified and trained drivers that will safely transport you to your event. With our school dance partybus services, you will get all the glamour and style that celebrities receive. Instead of sitting in a crammed taxi or car, you can relax in our spacious school dance partybus. When you rent a party bus from us, rest assured that your school dance excitement will continue!

You can rent a party bus for school dances such as:

  • High school prom
  • High school dance
  • Homecoming dance
  • Winter formal dance

A School Dance Party Bus Service Offers A Safe And Memorable Experience

With our school dance party bus service, we make sure you have a safe experience. Our party bus service prides itself on its safety and maintenance. For maintaining the quality of our party bus service, we validate the safety records.

Make this special school dance night memorable and rent a party bus from us. With our school dance party bus service, we will make sure that you remember this special night forever. Our professional party bus service will fill this night with lasting memories. Rent a party bus service from us and arrive at your destination in style with our premier school dance party bus service.

Why should you hire us for school dance party bus service?

  • We have a large variety of partybus fleet options
  • We will provide reliable and quick party bus service quotes
  • To rent a school dance party bus, you can contact us through an email or call
  • We offer high-quality party bus service